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Winners of an Oscar, nominated films or awarded with a Goya will be leading the festival. Between 2nd and 5th march seven films and more that 200 shortmovies will be screened.

The Llotja, the CaixaForum Lleida and the Magical Media will be wearing the red carpet to celebrate Animac, the International Exhibition of Animated Films of Catalunya organized by Lleida city council.

(Source: El Segre) 


The feminin majority in the audiovisual degrees contrasts with the project directions.

If we have a look to the billboard or to the film credits and tv series the projects which are leaded by woman are difficult to find. The breach between the formation and the professional practice is so huge that the Institut Català d'Empreses Culturals (ICEC) has already assumed that will introduce the fee system to the funds concession in the audiovisual field for projects which are leaded by women. A positive discrimination which was suggested by the Asociación de Mujeres Cineastas y Audiovisuales (CIMA) who is dealing with this issue with the sector.

(Source: La Vanguardia) 


The two spanish movies stoled prominence to the Golden Bear candidates in Berlinale. 

On one hand, the type of risky and extremist film that brings the spectatur to disconcert; on the other hand, a childhood portrait full of sun and kids playing with the water but also of sickness, death and uncertainties. Two spanish films 'Pieles' and 'Estiu 1993' whose wonderful reception in Berlinale stole prominence to the Golden Bear candidates last saturday in Berlinale. 

(Source: El Periódico) 




During the last International Fair of the Comunitat Valenciana, Fitur 2017, the position of Generalitat Valenciana about music festivals was clear. A boost that was expressed through the presentation of the brand Mediterranew Musix, and the interess for this events to become a Cultural Interest in the Law of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality of the autonomic region.

(Source: ValenciaPlaza)


More than 20 years needed to be passed so that the state institutions changed their positions about the economic meaning of music festivals. Local, provincial and autonomic structures have been opening a path, but the interess generated about the experience of life music ended with a new decision: the position of the administriation is to keep the tourism as the economic engine.  

(Source: Grupo Plaza)


The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport opens two new calls:

The period to apply for the subsidies is from 03/02/2017 to 23/02/2017.

These are grants in public concurrence system destinated to promote in all the spanish territory the difusion of the cultural patrimony of lyric, music, dance, theatre and circus with the aim of providing cultural communication of the patrimony between Communities. 

(Source: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport website) 

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