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The Madrid Film Festival, organized by the Platform of New Filmmakers, celebrates 25 years in the capital. It does so with 200 films and national and international short films labeled independent film. Nine venues hosting the proposals until Tuesday 25. Each space organizes at least a daily projection, in addition to meetings with new directors. Admission is free, except in the cinema Doré, where it costs 2.5 euros. (Source: El País)


A year in what is already sacred annual ritual, Angel Sala, director of the Sitges festival, meets with the chroniclers of the newspaper to evaluate a newly clinched edition. In conversation predominant feeling of satisfaction, both as the high level of competition for the renewed success of public, around 76,000 spectators 2015, which was record high. A challenge on the horizon: pique the interest of young generations. (Source: el Periódico)


The city of Huelva is working on the design of Plan C (Strategic Plan of Culture of the City of Huelva) in collaboration with the Association of Cultural Managers of Andalucía (GECA), an entity that has "a brilliant career in advising the administrations in this area, as it has provided technical assistance to powerful projects in our region. " This was announced by the first deputy mayor of Culture, Tourism and Promotion of Huelva Abroad, Elena Tobar, who stressed "the great importance for our government team Plan C, an ambitious initiative that GECA has seen great potential cultural level in our city from the outset, so that this entity will bring his experience to carry Huelva cultural excellence, linked to tourism takeoff and socio-economic revitalization ". (Source:


The Ministry allocates 60,000 euros, the same amount injected directly into Mostra Valencia to aid audiovisual holding meetings in the Region (Source:


JAZZMADRID'16 International Festival this year has doubled its offer with a total of 100 concerts and more than six hours of uninterrupted music, as well as lectures, films and programming rooms Live Music Association 'Night in Alive'. This has been presented on Monday the director of the festival, Concha Hernández, the artistic director of JAZZMADRID'16, Luis Martin and the manager of the Association 'Night Live' Javier Olmedo. (Source:


The Provincial Council of A Coruña invest almost 681,000€ to a different artistic gender festivals and in two ways: one of them is addressed to municipalities and the other one to nonprofit entities of the province. (Source: Laopinioncoruña)

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